A fresh perspective on public policy

A perspective you can’t get anywhere else

Six years ago, Mike Der Manouel stepped in to fill a void at a Valley radio station that needed a new voice for its 60-second commentaries on current events. Nearly 2,000 episodes later, Der Manouel is an established voice who brings a fresh perspective on news and public policy topics.

The ideas for what to discuss emerge from things he hears on the radio, TV or social media. After all, as this self-proclaimed news junkie puts it, “We’re living in interesting times and there’s no shortage of topics.” Der Manouel weighs in on issues at the federal, state and local level, rotating through topics of the day for the various sectors.

He says creating the commentaries is both rewarding and therapeutic. “I get passionate about issues and sitting down and writing, editing and rewording is cathartic.”

One man’s catharsis is an entire audience’s reward. His commentaries are in demand, his voice is recognized and his opinions offer a fresh perspective – a counter argument to the prevailing winds in California, as Der Manouel puts it.

He’s not echoing what others are saying. He takes on the issues from angles that aren’t common in the opinion ecosystem.

“I have high expectations for government, but most of the time it’s failing us and we’re numb to it because it’s ‘normal.’ I like to call people out on both sides. I call out anyone who’s not doing their job.”